• a creative hub for

    words & music


    We are Creators & Collaborators. Our creative partnership is based in London and we work and perform around the globe.

    We create theatrical performances based in a rich and intimate intermingling of words and music - two(or more) genres mixing to create a new and visceral theatrical form.


    We love collaborating with Festivals, Orchestras, individual Artists, Writers, Ensembles, Designers, Venues.


    Tama Matheson has, in his career, always straddled the musical and theatrical worlds, and, for many years, has cherished a desire to unify these two separate worlds. POESIS is the realisation of that vision.

  • Repertoire

    Here are some Tama Matheson’s lyric dramas.

    And so many more ideas ....

  • Beethoven

    I shall hear in Heaven

    Bright Stars shone for Us

    The Drama and Music of Tchaikowsky

    With wit, humour, pathos, and tragedy, Bright Stars Shone for Us traces the extraordinary, sad, and often hilarious life of one of the supreme geniuses of the Western Canon. Over the course of an hour and a half, Tchaikovsky’s life is played out in and amidst a concert of his music and performed by two actors and a dancer,

    shortlisted for the 2020 Royal Philharmonic Society Awards!

    Don Juan

    The Brilliant Irreverence of

    Lord Byron

    explores the seductive and scandalous life of the British poet, Lord Byron, examining it through the prism of his famous poem, Don Juan. The play interweaves the lives of Byron with one of its great creations, until it becomes difficult to tell where fact ends and fiction begins, leaving the audience with a rich impression of one of the greatest creative geniuses of all time.


    His Quest for Peace - the Extraordinary Life of Andrzej Panufnik

    One of the 20th century’s most unjustly neglected composers, Andrzej Panufnik is a musician of stark beauty and deep, shattering humanity. Growing up in wartime Poland, and coming to maturity under the German and Russian occupations, Panufnik endured a life of hardship and oppression, yet fought always for the right to genuine self-expression. This play is a hymn to the power and endurance of the human spirit.

    A Christmas Carol

    Dickens’s Immortal Christmas Tale

    This musico drama blends Dickens’s wonderful, evergreen story with the world’s best-loved carols, to create a deeply festive performance that perfectly captures the spirit of the Christmas season. Part concert and part play and performed as a dramatised reading of the kind Dickens himself made famous in his time, it is by turns funny, sad, joyous, frightening and exultant, and captures all the wonder, pathos, joy, and spookiness of the greatest of all Christmas classics.

    A Midsummer Night's Dream

    This adaptation presents Shakespeare’s imperishable play in a unique way. The poet himself narrates – doing so in sparkling and witty rhyming couplets – inhabiting the story as he goes, and moving seamlessly in and out of the action, becoming all his characters, to give a full (though truncated) rendering of the play – all interwoven with Mendelssohn’s shimmering music. A beautiful fusion of poetry, music, fun, magic, and laughter, this is a performance that will gleam in the imagination long after the last notes fade.

    Johann Sebastian

    The Life and Passion of

    JS Bach

    chronicles the life of perhaps the greatest composer in the entire Western canon, tracing, amid a setting of his incomparable music, the longings, desires, urges, and inspirations that drove him to his miraculous creations. Johann Sebastian is a desperately moving, often funny, always fascinating insight into the life of one of the world’s most indispensable artists.


    The Artistic Struggles of Benjamin Britten

    The play traces the development of one of the undeniable giants of 20th Century music. This musico drama is narrated by Benjamin Britten himself, and set amid a concert of his own music, Ben takes the audience into the private and creative life of one of the masters of classical music.

    The White Mouse

    tells the extraordinary story of Nancy Wake, a hard-drinking, tough-talking Australian girl, who went from a Sydney suburb to become one of the most indomitable fighters in the French Resistance. Astonishingly brave, self-assured, and powerful, Nancy Wake became an incomparable soldier, personally escorting over 2000 men, women, and children out of German-occupied France to safety. Performed with selections of music from the era of World War II, The White Mouse is a story of the unquenchable human spirit.

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